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"I would recommend Rachael to absolutely anyone who is looking for effective mental or physical healing as well as whole person balancing."


"Rachael has the natural ability to put you at ease both physically and emotionally. She is a skilled and knowledgeable acupuncturist but it is her caring approach that makes her treatments such a healing experience. I have been to Rachael for back pain and general malaise and she treated my daughter for Bell's Palsy.

I would recommend Rachael to absolutely anyone who is looking for effective mental or physical healing as well as whole person balancing."

"Acupuncture!? Something I’d never considered until I had the pleasure of being introduced to Rachael. The more I found out about the positive benefits for body and soul the more I thought - I have to try this. I’m so glad I did. Fabulous! From basic strains to recognised medical conditions the results of treatment have always been hugely positive for me, along with the wonderful relaxation a treatment session brings. Rachael is experienced and knowledgable about her subject, patient and kind. I can wholly recommend both practitioner and treatment. Give it a try..."

"I went to see Rachael for acupuncture after I had surgery on my gall bladder. I had been feeling run down and unwell since the op and I had no appetite at all. I decided to try acupuncture after my neighbour recommended it. I had had it before but many years ago. Rachael made me feel human again! I had begun to feel very low as I wasn't getting any answers as to why I wasn't feeling better. However, after only three sessions with Rachael I was back at the gym and walking my dogs. The nausea and poor appetite went and I then began to sleep better and get my energy back. I now feel fighting fit! I am more than happy to write a testimonial for her website because without her I truly feel I would still be in that dark place. "

"I have suffered from severe morning sickness with all three of my pregnancies, when I got pregnant with my third I knew it was only a matter of time before it kicked in. Previously I had had acupuncture and found it helped to take the edge of the nausea. This time I went to see Rachael. It was worse than ever this time and couldn't keep any food down at all. It was a massive effort to get out of bed to visit the clinic but I knew that if I did I would have a day or two when I felt ok. I saw Rachael twice a week for over 12 weeks and I can honestly say it was the only thing that got me though. She was the only person that really saw me at my worst. As well as treating the morning sickness she got me though my pregnancy when I was having a really tough time with work and family problems."

New Research

Acupuncture is the top therapy for arthritis (extract from JCM)

Acupuncture is the most effective complementary therapy for treating osteoarthritis, and also scores highly for other chronic musculoskeletal pain conditions, according to a report by the charity Arthritis Research UK. The report summarises current evidence for practitioner-based complementary therapies that are commonly used to treat rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia and low back pain. The report found a lack of scientific evidence to support the use of most of the twenty-five therapies considered. Each therapy was scored according to its effectiveness on a scale of one to five, based on published data from clinical trials. Effectiveness was measured in terms of improvements in pain, disability or quality of life. In addition the safety of each therapy was graded as green, amber or red. The therapies that were shown to be the most effective were: acupuncture for osteoarthritis (scored 5), low back pain (4) and fibromyalgia (4); massage for fibromyalgia (5) and low back pain (5); tai chi for osteoarthritis (4); and yoga for back pain (4). (http://www.arthritisresearchuk.org/news/press-releases/2013/january/new-report-on-complementary-therapies-for-arthritis-reveals-lack-of-scientific-evidence.aspx).

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